Work From Home With Automation During A Pandemic

Work From Home With Automation During A Pandemic

Many companies deploy their employees to work from home after the government limited the number of people in the office. This is consistent with the measures of social distancing in city-states as the government is increasing efforts to further curb the spread of COVID-19.

We realize how technology makes transitioning in businesses smooth and how internet technology has developed so rapidly in the last 20 years, allowing us to work for long periods of time.

The government closed schools and imposed strict home quarantine measures during the COVID-19 epidemic for residents returning from overseas trips. They use thermal scanners at airports and other points of entry to filter out visitors who might have the disease.

While organizations incorporate more flexible elements into the modern workplace environment, the spread of coronaviruses kicks remote work directly to the primary stage and with more cases expected, it is likely that more companies will have to close their offices temporarily.

Locating productive and safe remote work solutions is the biggest challenge organizations face considering the amount of COVID-19 cases confirmed worldwide. However, the rush to implement work from home policies has the potential to expose organizations with significant risks.

No business wants losses because they are not ready to work from home or because their staff are unable to complete their jobs from home. But with automation, all our daily work can be done at home while mobilizing safe and functioning remote work solutions.

Gleematic makes it easy for every user to do job training for every activity that needs to be done automatically. You can leave the computer on to work by itself and then do other things at home without the fear of not completing your work on time. Gleematic can help various types of businesses as automation with Gleematic is very flexible and economical.

As the work of employees working from home can be completed, businesses continue to run. The company’s profits might decrease because of the pandemic, but businesses must continue so that employees can continue getting paid.

Challenge: New Cognitive Software Bots enabling the Remote Workforce

• Checking and Monitoring Employees is a difficult thing to do when employees are not working at the office, how do we deal with and empower employees to work from home?

• You would also need to consider setting up a Remote Work Station for Employees to be connected and keep working as usual.

• Employees may need I.T. support when they are working from home. They may not know what I.T. applications to use or how to use them.

• How to ensure that employees have the necessary I.T. facilities and support for activities such as arranging for meetings while working from home?


• You can use software robots such as Gleematic to automate processes that allow the setup for working remotely. They can help to facilitate an easier, error-free registration of the new equipment, set up users for VPNs, and associate the employee ID with the registration number of the recently bought equipment.

• Such software bots can also set up the work schedule for each employee and ensure that staff follow these schedules by sending automated reminders to employees.

• The bot can also create meeting time-tables in rows of Excel and save the user hours in the day by automating the scheduling process for an employee.

• You can also use software robots to order things such as Remote Access Services (RAS), and Enterprise Mobility Services (EMS) to enable remote working for employees.

• The bot approves/rejects expense reports based on the submitted proofs and allowance.
News Work From Home With Automation During A Pandemic
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