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Forintek is developed with only one goal in mind, to catering the best total solution to customers. Here at Forintek not only provide products, but we are fully committed to offering the best reliable solution to our Partners and Customers. Supported by highly skilled IT experts and having a partnership with numerous marvelous committed principals, we provide unique technology and friendly to all our customers.

What makes Forintek exclusively different from any other IT companies is that we deliver a very reliable service with proven commitment. We are also committed to improving our services to customers with the latest technology, tools, and solutions. Lots of benefits you could harvest by choosing Forintek as a partner such as measurable service to support your IT environment. Forintek provides solutions that facilitate with the latest technology in the market and delivered by certified System Engineer.

Billy Antono – CEO, “Today, technology is for everyone, no matter your background or job. technology can help every human being to think strategically.”
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Reliable Support
A certified local support team that can help our customers to achieve the "peace of mind" state
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Unique Solution
Unique solutions that can provide added
value for stakeholders involved in the
business process.
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Flexible business model, so as to adapt to customer's business growth.
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Our News

Managing COVID19 Risk
Managing COVID-19 Risk
The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally shifted not only global business and the economy, but our entire world as we know it. But who better to lead organizations through these unprecedented times than GRC professionals?
Choosing Cybersecurity Metrics That Matter
Choosing Cybersecurity Metrics That Matter
Chief information security officers (CISOs) may have hundreds of cybersecurity metrics to manage, but only a fraction of those will be relevant to the board and C-suite. A good CISO has to distill data into an easy-to-understand dashboard and communicate risk to a board that doesn’t want complex technical details.
How Technology Helps Quickly Find Fraud Waste And Errors
How Technology Helps Quickly Find Fraud, Waste, And Errors
While the road to recovery from the pandemic might be long, the need for cost savings is immediate. And whether you’re in the private or public sector, there’s no doubt your organization is losing some amount of revenue to fraud, waste, and errors.
Making Use of Automation in Healthcare
Making Use of Automation in Healthcare
With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, I am sure that healthcare providers/services are dealing with an overwhelming amount of workload. With the need to conduct so many COVID-19 tests everyday and generating reports for updating the numbers, there will sure be a lack of manpower. You and your staff will be overwhelmed and stressed out by this.

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